Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Unboxing the new Ricoh Theta M15 Panorama Camera

I was looking at the Ricoh Theta since it was first launched in 2013. Lucky enough I waited a bit longer and order the latest Theta m15 (I guess that stands for MK1.5 because the changes from the first model are not really dramatic except the additional video feature) launched in late October 2014. The new model is available at Amazon for 299 Euro, that is even 50 Euro cheaper than the previous model. I dont really need this camera, but with my more than 15 years affection to panoramic images and a quite a collection of film and digital panorama cameras and accessories I could not add hesitate any further to add this to my collection. Since I sold an old lens, I got some extra budget freed. Thanks to Amazon I hold the camera in my hands in less than 20 hours.
First impression out of the box: You get a very lightweight stylish looking camera with a lens on the front and the back, a little pouch, one USB cable and a very short manual. That's it.
In the next blog I will review a first hands-on session with the new toy.

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