Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Panoramic Bookshelf: Panorama as Medium

This category of books chooses panorama photography in its most genuine meaning, showing a wide vista (wide angle view, see Wikipedia) that would not fit into a regular image aspect ratio. These books transport the views that you have at elevated viewing point into a book and make the reader experience the view from his arm chair.
Here I have 2 books from this category, both covering the Alps and published in the 1980's.

Swiss Panorama - Emil Schulthess
This book was published first time in 1982 (32 years ago!) and offers a wide range of panoramic views across Switzerland. Most of the images were created in the late 1970's with a huge technical effort. The photographer had to deal with panorama film cameras, helicopters and tailor-made rigs. He gives a summary of the project in the book and I have to pay greatest respect to this achievement to start this project from the scratch with a genius and scientific approach, many years before digital photography was available and people armed with a mobile phone stumbling on mountain peaks shooting panoramas and uploading them 10 seconds later into some image website. 
The book comes high resolution images and great level of details and info about the surrounding area and important points of interest in every image.
Of course this book is out of print but you still get used copies on the usual platforms.
Emil Schulthess lived from 1913 to 1996, his work was given to the Fotostiftung Schweiz, all images below (the images in the book are copyrighted by them)  shall only highlight the book and and entice you to buy your own copy.
Swiss Panorama by Emil Schulthess (1982)
Actual Panorama across 3 pages