Samstag, 21. Juni 2008

Going anaglyph !

I was always amazed by this 50 (?) old way of looking at pictures and movies and creating a sense of depth by cheating eyes and brain with the 2 merged images with the "red/cyan" look. I am not elaborating on how and when it was invented or how it exactly it works, but will experiment with the technique and plan to experiment in the panorama field with this. Lets start small with a simple 2 camera setup, 15 cents red/cyan glasses and some photoshop work. I bought a box with 100 paper red/cyan glasses, so my local readers, let me know and you can have one (terms and condition apply, haha).

Upgrading to Nodalninja

I am waiting for the latest Nodalninja model, No.5. It seems this is gonna be a sturdy panorama VR head capable to take heavy equipment, and I will use it with Mamiya ZD to produce some serious highres images. Anyway, the version with the upper rotator is not released yet, so I can spend some time on other experiments in the meantime. Check out the gear at

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008

Extreme PanoRig

My very own panorama rig project collects dust since half a year, but it is certainly not off. I also will continue to play with 360 degree video with the one-shot lens setup and the videocam, but in case you want to see some serious stuff, then you should have a look at 2k360 by Paradise FX (link). Dont forget to download the demo movie ! There is no pricetag, but there are some 9 HDR pro cams mounted on a rig, and if you have close look, you will see 9 Apple Powerbooks underneath it. That must be a cool toy, maybe a bit too big to carry along.
I will keep you updated on my budget projects !

Invitation to

Today I want to highlight a website of another VR fellow in Singapore. He shares on almost daily base new VR spots around town ! Man, I wish I had more time.
Drop by and the blog at !
Thanks Aram !