Mittwoch, 25. April 2007


From the my short trip back home to Germany last week. The view from the "Alpoertel" over Speyer. Its worth to take the breathtaking 5 storey staircase journey for 1 Euro to get this wonderful view. I wish I could stand on the roof, that would allow a 360 degree view in one go.
Altpoertel, Speyer (org 9.600x3.600px)

Limburg Monastery

This is a good location to start with. The Limburg is the ruin of monastery from some hundred years ago in Bad Duerkheim, Germany. Nearby by hometown, I visit this place when I come back home and I use it for all my photographic and panoramic experiments and tests.
Kloster Limburg (org 9.400x3.200 px)

Location on google map

This is an implmentation of Google Maps by Dont miss the chance to zoom out to find out about the location of the place. I will use this handy tool until I understand the Google Map API.

Dienstag, 24. April 2007

The digital Vista

Whilst covering thoughts and ideas about the classic panorama photography in my purepanorama blog I will enlighten you here with some of the digital panoramic work I am producing on my journeys or for whatever commercial use. Lets start walking....