Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Canon Angle View Finder

Quite a few times I wished I had screen to tilt or an angle finder for the Canon 5D MKII, but I am not willing to spend 200 U$ on an accessory that I will use only once in the blue moon. Luckily there is some cheap alternative from Seagull, a Chinese company selling a variety of photo equipment (inclusive of a range of large format cameras!). You find the angle view finder with a range of adapters for Canon, Nikon, Sony,.. cameras on ebay for about 50U$. There are different models for 2 to 3x magnification, you can switch from 1x to an alternative magnification factor with a mechanical switch, useful to check focus.
My first impression:
  • It works.
  • The adapter is a bit flimsy, you cant easily slide in and out the view finder.
  • If you dont use an angle view finder permanently you can work with this one.
The items in the box
On a Canon 5D MK II
 I dont know about any shop in Singapore selling it off the shelf.

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