Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Panoramic Bookshelf: Non-Panoramic Panorama Books

While hunting for panoramic books I bought books just by the title. As long it was named "... Panorama ... something" and I could not find any further info about it in the web I would buy it (provided the price is reasonable) hoping for luck. Most of these non-panoramic titles are related to travel, like books about certain places or regions. The word panorama is a bit misleading, seems some publisher or authors want to highlight the broad scope of the book, or it is showing a lot of pictures from many places or something similar.
Here a selection of my non-panoramic panorama books. You won't find a single panorama image in all of these books.

Berlin-Panorama (deutsche Ausgabe) Farbbildband durch die Hauptstadt
Dresden Panorama (deutsche Ausgabe) Farbbildband durch das Elbflorenz 
Rather average picture books, the author published books of many cities and areas in Germany.A bit like must-have-seen in Berlin booklet, to me a random collection of tourist highlights with little detail (text).
Berlin and Dresden Panorama

Naturpanorama Norwegen (Panoramic books) 
Another coffeetable book about Norway from the 1990's. Publisher Ziethen-Panorama (they got panorama even in their name). Nice images but no panoramic views though.
Naturpanorama Norwegen

Ägypten Panorama 
Same as the Norway book, same publisher, same style.
Ägypten Panorama

Berliner Panorama 
This is quite an interesting book because it was published in the former GDR (DDR), in east Germany. Without any independent publishing available even this book had to be in line with the east German ideology and policies. You get the book for less than 10 cents but it comes with bw images from a long passed history. You might notice there are no images of the wall (which was still there in pre-1989).

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

How to publish a photo sphere to Google Maps ?

You won't. It is not an automated process, there someone (or something?) reviewing the submissions and enable to be shown the Google Map. My submission took about 2..3 days to appear.

Worldwide Panorama 2014: Ruins

The site is live, in its 10th years with the topic 'Ruins'.
My contribution after 6 years not joining this, the Hardenburg Castle in Bad Dürkheim.