Montag, 2. August 2010

Panorama Software advancing

I remember back 10 years (more or less) with few software applications around to stitch images. That was before Photoshop learned stitching and the time IPIX was running behind Prof. Dersch and his famous Panorama Tools. You had good results only with perfectly setup nodal point on a tripod, not to think of a handheld panorama without sometimes spending hours adjusting control points.
Now, you just throw any overlapping imagery into the actual versions of the software and you get decent results. Just a sample here, a panorama I tried to stitched 3 years back (handheld 7 images, 24mm) and put it into the "forget-it" folder. I took it out again and fed Autopano Pro 2.0.9 with it.
See some details of the result (all auto, stitched in less than 10min) compared with the 2 years old "auto-mode" stitch (the red squares are the detail from the old version):

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