Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Panorama Gear 2010

Some panoramas can be shot handheld (usually few images) or using a monopod with bubble level (4 images for 360x180) or using a regular panorama head on a tripod. I was using a Manfrotto VR Head for many years, before I changed this year to a Nodalninja 5. 

Main reasons:
  • Weight and size
    The Nodal Ninja is 4 times lighter and can be transported in a small pouch.
  • Supporting cameras
    I use it with the 1Ds and long lenses and a Mamiya ZD, which are impossible to support in portrait mount on the old Manfrotto.
  • Accuracy
    The Nodal Ninja just nicely clicks into position for a fast and reproducible shooting process.
  • Price
    Get the head at their online shop for 499.- U$ with the D16 rotator.
Whats in the box ?

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