Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Gigapixel Record Hunt

2 years back there were only few images on with a serious "big" resolution, now with the production release EPIC devices more highres panoramas are out there.
A bit longer breathtaking new super records of high resolution images come up every now and then.
Conclusion: We will see more of this kind coming up, and it is amazing at what detail level you can "zoom around" in these images. I recomend reading the technical background of the above projects, as you need serious project preparation, support (maybe some $$$) and serious CPU power. Guess I will stick to the "less-than-10 GP" department.

  • You find more gigapixel project if you research, some of them based on film (Gigapxl Project). Unfortunately some of the early projects are not online anymore.

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