Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Warning Wave

It seems the internet community is solely focusing on sending warning letters and suing each other. The second time I received a letter from a country I visited before to remove certain content in relation to the countries tourism business from my websites. I just hope that landscapes, landmarks, public accessible subjects remain public for photographers and dont become a complete "NO PHOTOGRAPHS OR 10.000$ FINE" area.
Interesting Link1, Link2 in regards of S-O-H in S-y-d-n-e-y.
One day we will find ourselves in a world where you only can take pictures of sand or clouds or water because someone owns the commercial rights on anything else.
The best thing: The name of the person working for legal department of country X sending the last letter send is "Sue". Was that the precondition to get the job ? LOL

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