Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Perfect Panorama with the V705

I heard some people complaining about the in-camera stitching capabilities of the Kodak V705. I dont agree and give you a tip how to do it right. Even a consumer-size cam like this one has something like a nodal point. In this case this point is pretty much the same like the tripod mount of the camera.
Instead of holding the camera in the usual 1/2 meter from the face, and turning with the whole body and try to match the subsequent panorama images, you try to rotate the camera over the tripod mount. That looks odd and might not be easy for 3 shots because you kind-of need to walk around the camera floating mid-air. But I guarantee you best results with hard to spot seams.
Sample 1: Forget about panoramic composition or light, its a test-shot ! the objects are close to the minimum distance of 25cm and slightly out-of-focus. I made 2 images using the rotate-over-tripod-mount-point. Close objects show always parallax errors if you dont rotate over the nodal point. Can you spot them here ?

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