Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Digital Panorama Camera

Did you never wonder why none of the camera manufacturer ever bothered too create a truly digital panorama camera ? Something like a XPan digital or similar ? I am not talking about the highend gear, like Spherocams or Seitz Digital 6x17, no, something like a small rangefinder camera or even a consumer size camera. But there is nothing, nada, niente, null !
Maybe there is no, or a rather a too small, market. Some brands started to bring out 16:9 formats in their cameras like the Leica D-LUX 3 or Panasonic LX2. Just for the records: Panorama starts with a aspect ration of 1:2 ! So these cameras are just missing the definition of panoramic format, but it is a start ! Some others tried (are trying) to build in-camera stitching to create panoramas on the spot. Kodak, Canon and Olympus are some of them (Canon only provides a panorama assistant in the camera). Anyway if some marketing guy read this, please make one !

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