Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

Kodak V705 Panorama

I remember, I was excited about the announcement of the Kodak V570 in early 2006 when I heard about the 2 lenses and panorama function build-in. Ok, I thought for very long time they would use both lenses the same to create the panorama. Anyway, Kodak came out with a successor in August 2006, a slight upgraded version with 7MP and the breathtaking 23mm lens, which you wont find in this price segment and camera size ! I waited more than one year, Kodak stopped in the meantime the production of the 2 lens cameras completely (I heard create too much trouble), until I finally bought one last week for much less than the previous price of 699.00 SGD.
Even the camera is a consumer camera without any (very few) manual control and providing no RAW files, I instantaneously love this camera. Is a great toy, I can bring it along, its so small it fits in my shirt pocket and it speaks pano. I can play with pano ideas and the image and stitching quality is really ok! Unfortunately it reduces the size of up to 3 (which is almost 180 degree with 23mm) to 3.1MP for each of the images. The result is about 7MP in total. I assume the camera memory cannot digest 3x 7MP images to stitch or it just takes too long. Backdraw: It doesnt save the individual images and there is no way to change the stitching settings (with these results you not really need to). It also allows you to stitch 2 images only, but always on the spot, some kind of panorama assistant show you where to place the next shot.
Best results: Try to rotate camera over the tripod mounting point and dont move the camera with your whole body to cover 180 degree, and try to keep leveled. Believe me or try it our by yourself !
Oh, in case you become excited. Its hard to find a dealer selling this cam, you might find some on ebay.
Here some 2 and 3 stitcher. I will keep you updated with more exciting Kodak pano adventures !

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