Sonntag, 11. Mai 2008

Panorama History Lane - Part 2

I put the QV-100 aside in 1998 (I roughly shot 250 images with the battery sucking camera) and rather focused on classic panorama photography with Noblex and co using film (while waiting for digital technology to mature and settle at a reasonable price region). My next digital camera was the Sony DSC-P1 (dpreview link)announced by Sony in September 2000 (I bought it in december 2000), a nice and small camera creating 3Mpix images. I used it for about 1 year (I kept using it occasionally until 2005) before finally getting my first DSLR Canon D30 in January 2002. In 2001 I used an early version of the Panorama Factory (today V5.1, link), which kept me pretty happy before new kids on the block took over with different feature sets.
The first panoramas with the Sony DSC-P1, shot in Zuerich (Switzerland), where I lived for about one year. Here the original files, I also used todays panorama stitcher software on the old image files to compare the results, main differences are tool handling, speed and auto accuracy reducing post-processing effort.

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