Samstag, 10. Mai 2008

First digital Panorama from 1998

The same time I got my hands on the first digital camera (Casio QV100) I tried to create panoramas. In 1998 there were only few stitching applications around and with a camera that runs at 640x480 and doesn't know any whitebalance pre-settings it was hard to create any decent results. The panorama here is a rather poor result, despite shooting during changing light conditions (as the observing reader might comment). I kept on experimenting the following years followed with better results with a Sony P1 in 2000 and later with Canon D30, 1Ds and Spherocam. The panos was created with an earlier version of Photovista (the software is still around in a more up-to-date version, link). In 2005 I created this panorama from the same position (smaller viewing angle though, link).

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