Samstag, 10. Mai 2008

10 Years Digital Photography

While spending some time at home, I was browsing through old backup CD's (hoping to find these old digi snaps). And surprisingly the 10 years old CD (still readable) revealed some of the very first digital images I ever took ! Made with a CASIO QV 100 (link), compared with todays technology any mobile phone or webcam can do better picture than this, but it was one of the first affordable consumer cameras in 1996-1997 for 700 DM (~350 Euro) - I bought it (used) in 1998 for 200 DM. It creates crappy 640x480 (0.3 Mpix) greenish pictures that are completely awful but it brings back some nostalgic moments and I really regret that I sold it later for 100 DM. Maybe I will hunt for one in ebay or ask the guy who bought it, if I can buy it back !
10 Years later and I use a Medium Format Back with 21 Mpix, maybe the personal development might be more significant than the numbers and tech stuff !? Another 10 years and ... ?
The (untouched) shot from April 5th 1998 in amazing 640x480. (The stone is removed by today due to a street).

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