Dienstag, 27. November 2007

PanoRig Chapter 2 - Disassembling the camera

This is the first major challenge. There is no remote control or jack to plug in a remote control like in the good old times where could plugin a wire to trigger the shutter. A mechanical workaround like the inflatable-bulb-press-the-button is not an option because to unreliable. We need 10 cameras to fire at the same time (and all of them, not only 9). Todays consumer cameras are a small piece of plastic with lots of tiny electronics inside. There are not made to allow the owner to fiddle around with. Do you have a medium format camera ? You can access most of the interior easily. Since the manufacturer giving warranty on their camera, it is in their interest to be able to open and fix the camera when a customer sends it in for repair.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages, injuries or mental or financial losses you might have or experience during the course of this exercise ! This is happening without direct or indirect support of BenQ.

Step 1: Open the box ;-)
Step 2: Get Ready
Only small screwdriver required.
Step 3: Remove all screws
Break the warranty seal, YES! I am sure the BenQ love this step because it voids the warranty.
Please take note where you remove the screws, there are different screws at the bottom.
Step 4: Open the body
Slowly tilt the backside to the upper part of the camera (with the buttons). Please do this carefully, try to get some feeling for the sensitive and plasticy body !
Step 5: Look around
Check out what you find after opening the stomach of the patient. Please take note of the very sensitive flat wire connecting back of the camera (screen) and the electronics. Do NOT attempt to remove it without special tools.

To be continued..

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