Samstag, 20. September 2014

Panoramic Bookshelf: How-to and History Books

This type of books either gives an overview of panoramic photography or guides you through the process of picking up panorama photography.

Here a few books, some of them I own:

Stretch: The Art of Panoramic Photography
by Nick Meers
(2003, english)

One of the first panoramic books I ever bought. A very nice collection of panoramic images of different times and an overview of available technologies (at the time of 2003). The book shows pictures of various photographers.

Panoramic Photography
by Lee Frost (2005, english)
A comprehensive walk-through panoramic imaging with mostly film based technology. Here the author solely uses own images.

Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer's Notebook
by William Rodarmor (2005, english)

A typical how-to book for digitial panoramas solely. Given current tools, already outdated, though the basci concepts still apply.

A few more titles with similar background:

Interaktive Panoramafotografie
by Christ Witzani (2009, german)

Digital Fotopraxis - Panoramafotografie
Thomas Bredeneld (2012, german)

Panoramafotografie - Der Meisterkurs
by Stefan Gross (2011, german)

Profibuch Panorama Fotografie
by Klaus Kindermann (2011, german)

Panoramafotografie: Theorie und Praxis
by Harald Woeste (2008, german)

Digitale Panoramen: Tipps, Tricks und Techniken für die Panoramafotografie
by Corinna Jacobs (2003, german)

Consider buying these books from Amazon by clicking on the tile. This helps me collecting more panoramic books and buying film for my old panorama cameras. Thanks

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