Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Panoramic backlog

I do regular harddisk housekeeping and backing up my files, both raw and processed, and always during these exercise I come across unprocessed or "unseen" images. So while copying some more images to the safe (?) DVD I stumble upon the handheld LX panos from September made in Neustadt (Germany). Yes, handheld panoramas are possible, even with wide angle lenses (in this case 24mm), it takes some practive and might not be perfect though. The buildings in the old town of Neustadt are not perfectly straight either, but the manual shooting increased slightly the obliqueness.
Just realized, this blog turns 100 ! Nice occasion and dedicated to my home place ! I am happy to be persistent enough to write more or less regularly and enlight readers with my panoramic endeavors and experiments.

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