Freitag, 1. August 2008

Advertising Imagery

Slightly off-topic, but I need to share this with you. It always amuses me the kind of works of photography (mixed with some Photoshop) is displayed in advertising or on the box of a product. I wonder sometimes if someone earns money or just get fired with something like this. I bought a 30$ ladder and it was shrinkwrapped including a this true piece of art:
Besides the description "Famlly Stair cnse" which most probably means "Family Staircase" (which also doesnt really match the product), the image striked me in particular !
A ladder arranged in photoshop together with a globe on a green field. What do they want to tell us with this ? This ladder is bigger than earth ? You can climb on top of the globe ? You will feel like being at a green field together with your new staircase and a globe ?
We will not find out ....
Btw, I would love to appreciate the IP of this work and mention the copyright, but the product is not showing one sign who is producing the ladder and this awful picture. In case you know, let me know.

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