Mittwoch, 16. April 2008

Viewer for large images and panoramas

Since a couple of years developers try to find ways to transport large (large as in file size as well resolution) images via the internet to the browser. An image with 210 Mpix and dimension of 21.000 x 10.000 would take to long to transfer and the browser has no chance to really display the image. So one came up with the idea to slice the images in small pieces and transfer only what you currently see (that is the short description).
A couple of years ago I started using Zoomify (link, my website is even listed on their reference page), by today more (mostly flash based viewers) are out there with more or less features to configure.

Some of them
HDView (Microsoft, currently in Beta, requires plugin)
Silverlight Deepzoom (Microsoft, requires Silverlight installed) (flash viewer embedded into the google sponsored website, not standalone)
krpano Flash Pano Viewer (Flash)

If I come across others or you share more with me, I will add them. In the next posting I will talk about the MS HDViewer and add some live samples.

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